Plant Tribe


Born in 2011 in Long Beach, California, Plant Tribe plays rock n roll music. To get a little more specific, Plant Tribe blends hard psychedelic rock with a bit of fusion elements which lead to an incredibly unique sound. This sound will get your mind buzzing and will get your body groovin’ as the combination of Jeff Ziemba’s soulful vocals and Jon Cox’s acid guitar work is nothing short of stellar. This combination, however, would certainly not be complete without the fantastic drumming of Eric Contreras, the groovy keyboard playing and space saxophone of Patrick Diederichs and the steady, rhythmic bass lines of Phil Lemke. Plant Tribe music is music you want to groove to. As much of this music will make you want to shake your body and nod your head, it will also take you into space and tickle your brain. Look out for the debut LP ‘Late Noon’ to hit the streets in the Fall of 2015.


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