Plant Tribe Space Chant Connection

News for the first release on Space Chant Records is finally here. We are super thrilled to announce a partnership with the buzzing band from Long Beach, California, Plant Tribe. Plant Tribe is a unique talent in the psychedelic rock n’ roll movement that’s continuously gaining steam. They offer a breath of fresh air to the scene as they combine a unique set of elements in their music that make them standout, well above anything ordinary, but excelling into the extraordinary.

Eternal Villainy (single) cover art

( Artwork for the single “Eternal Villainy”, by PT guitarist Jon Cox with psychedelic overlays by operation mindblow )

Space Chant will be releasing Plant Tribe’s debut LP on vinyl! Stay tuned for more news on the details of the press in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime head over to the links below to keep tabs on Plant Tribe and news on the upcoming release and details on shows! Also check out Plant Tribe’s killer single “Eternal Villainy” on bandcamp (link below) released in the summer of 2014!  – Facebook       – Instagram        – Bandcamp

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