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Solar Music Library – S/T Limited Vinyl LP Preorder is here !!

At last the time has finally come! At the end of a road filled with lots of twists and rocky mountain climbs, we have finally reached the launching site. And the countdown has begun to the lift off date set to leave for the stars on Friday, September 30th. Climb aboard the intergalactic blast and journey to the psychedelic cosmic sci fi disco party that is the debut of SOLAR MUSIC LIBRARY.


Get it on limited edition vinyl LP format in your choice of classic black or purple editions. Each version comes hand numbered and limited to 100 copies!


Limited Classic Black Edition Vinyl LP ( 100 copies ) PREORDER HERE

Limited Purple Edition Vinyl LP ( 100 copies )             PREORDER HERE



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We introduce to you~~~ Solar Music Library~~~

We are ecstatic to announce that we will be teaming up with the fantastic Solar Music Library from Greece. These guys will take you into the great infinite and interact with your mind, ears and that third eye of yours in many different ways. From funky, groovy space boogie, to dreamy deep and limitless tones. Solar Music Library, founded in Thessaloniki in the springtime of 2013, bring you a collection of deep space exotica, psychedelic rock, and krautrock that will groove your being all the way up to the cosmos.


Listen to ‘Motivo Satanico‘ from the debut LP, to be released summer 2016, HERE




Solar Music Library – Solar Music Library – Coming Summer 2016







News for our next release is right around the corner! Prepare yourself SPACEHEADS! In the meantime have you tasted the psychedelic plant brew that is ‘Late Noon‘ from Plant Tribe? If not, initiate yourself by clicking  HERE  and get the limited edition vinyl LP HERE




Plant Tribe – Late Noon Preorder / New Track

Plant Tribe’s debut full length LP is finally among us. “Late Noon” is a well crafted collection of sounds that combines a diverse set of genres and influences into a musical masterpiece. These groovy tones combined with Jeff Ziemba’s soulful vocals offer up a one of a kind treat. Heavy at times and groove based at others, Plant Tribe gives us something extremely unique in “Late Noon”.


NEW TRACK: Hear for yourself with the new track from “Late Noon”, Croakin’ :


“Late Noon” Vinyl LP Editions


  1. Classic Black Edition ( limited to 200 copies ) Comes with a full color double sided picture/ lyric insert.
  2. Deluxe Edition ( limited to 100 copies ) on milky clear vinyl with swamp green splatter! Comes with “Eternal Villainy” patch, 11 X 17 poster featuring the artwork of Matt Wilkins ( Matt Sabbath ), and double sided lyric/ picture insert.


Get either option here :



11 X 17 Poster

11 X 17 Poster


Eternal Villainy Patch

Eternal Villainy Patch


Plant Tribe New Song and Preorder Next Week!

Next week will be the premiere of a new song from ‘Late Noon’, the debut LP from Plant Tribe. Also, next week is when the preorder will go up for the vinyl LP. Check out the preview of the new track here: New Plant Tribe Track Preview

Eternal Villainy Patch

Test Press for Plant Tribe Debut LP here!

We are super excited that we are one step closer to getting Plant Tribe’s debut LP ‘Late Noon’ out as the test presses have arrived. They sound fantastic! We are not too far off from preorders going up for the limited edition LP, so stay tuned in! As for now, enjoy this short clip from the album ‘Late Noon’ by clicking here! —-> Plant Jam Preview


Cover artwork for Plant Tribe debut LP ‘ Late Noon ‘

Peace and Love friends!

Info on Plant Tribe debut LP coming soon!


 The time is near to which PlantTribe offers a special plant brew. A brew laced with hard rockin’ sonic jams with a little space sax and funky fusion elements is being offered to all. Soon it will come. Will you dare ingest? Be on the lookout for updates on the release over the upcoming weeks!